We wait for the sun to rise? Or do we continue regardless of what we expect?


As you will notice below, this photographic review is not built on numbers. It is an emotional journey I took by placing myself in different situations. For a period of 14 days I was able to work with the new Nikon Z System - the Nikon Z7 to be exact. I traveled more than 2000 km by car, slept in a tent inside the forests, felt the evening shadows and the morning haze. I also photographed couples in lovely surroundings outdoors and indoors, but for this a little bit later!
I present you Nikon Z7 and the fusion of a camera and an artist...

Well, first, let me introduce myself.
My name is Dimitri Stefanov and I am a photographer, specialized in working with the surrounding atmosphere and the movement of human body. For me the essential part of my work is natural light. I do not use artificial lights and I create illumination with the environment.
Creating a photographic review today is a difficult task simply because you can easily find all the numbers and details of a camera in internet, and these are just numbers... So it was a serious challenge for me. Trying to show the soul of the camera by forgetting about everything else - grain, sensitivity, speed, etc. ... We live in a world full of images so how could I keep your attention? The truth is that I do not know, everything depends on you... It is your decision whether you would take that journey with me - from the very beginning to its end. We are the ones who decide... And this is my case with photography. I already made my decision and I immersed myself in this story of wilderness with the Nikon Z7! Now, would you come with me?


‘Dimitri, which cameras do you prefer to use?ʼ And my answer is: ‘The camera is only a part of what an artist can give of himself in the creative process. It is like the work of a painter. When looking at a piece of art do we ask ourselves what pencils has the artist worked with? No, right? Important is only they have become one. If the artist have been able to transfer his inner flow and senses on the canvas, it becomes a piece of art. In the process of creating a photograph it is the same, but I have to admit - the more comfortable an artist feels while working with his tools, the more elegant and fine the workflow is.


The texture of the camera body comforts you , makes you think of the situation first. The speed and the impressive autofocus of Z7 are so good that you do not need to concentrate on them, you can be dedicated fully to what is in front of you. The viewfinder eyepiece is incredible, high quality, and I find it perfectly fitting on the eye. Nikon Z7 gives you the feeling that you are holding something very powerful when it comes to shooting. It provides great sensitivity, sharp and undoubted autofocus, stunning performance. Is this camera of the Z system suitable for the type of photography I do? For sure! And now that I am sure about it, let my emotional journey begin!


How do I create atmosphere with the camera? It is simple! By shooting...



Long before we have created
illumination we breathe first. Breathe so deep from the surrounding atmosphere that we truly forget about darkness. It does not exist anymore.
These were the words that flashed through my mind when I started working with this camera.
-Dimitri Stefanov-

This trip that we took to the deep Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria was incredible!
Many curves and spectacular views were taking us to some of the most virgin landscapes of the country. We were looking for that... The charm of the nature was glowing through the fog - simple , but yet complicated interaction. I took the decision to travel to this destination because I needed to find out how the Nikon Z7 behaves during night-time shooting, followed by a low morning temperatures. Incredible behavior, I must say! It is a camera with high sensitivity, capturing the details while shooting open aperture at f/ 1.8 with the Nikkor Z 35mm f/ 1.8 S lens attached. If you remember earlier I wrote about the painter and the work of art.
Undoubtedly, we became one...

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I am a photography lover and this love appeared more than a decade ago, but I have been always dedicated to visual arts. I could not let myself finish this adventure without including another project I did with the Nikon Z7.At the same place I took the previous photographs, I created a video project directed and filmed by me, shot in the early morning fog . Zero degrees, cold weather, deep in the mountains, standing next to a lake - together this created strong sensations and indescribable atmosphere. So in order keep you as much closer to this atmosphere, I had to film it.Well, no need of more words, enjoy ZERO DEGREES and do not forget to put the volume to the maximum!


Film by



Images of the shadowy, gloomy part of my affair with Nikon Z7. This period marked by absence of light, no sun rays, no bright objects...
The deep night itself only.







How to create an image sequence?
How to photograph something that we know well in a way that no one has seen yet?
No easy way leading to such a goal, I must say! You want fascinating shots - then stop thinking about what is already done or what might be done. You just need to shoot! And the easier way to do it is by having this camera beast in your hands! When I started my photography career I was absolutely sure about one thing... Shooting driven mostly by soul and doing what I really love - these were my mantras. This review was also builded on this foundation. I had the opportunity to photograph objects that I truly wanted to. Express the surrounding atmosphere straight, honestly and exactly as I felt it. This review is not the one to satisfy someoneʼs need of technical information, it does not intend to be explanatory. It is a touching journey with the camera - you, me and the Nikon Z7 in our hands.

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